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"I couldn't be happier with the medical weight loss program that Dr. Din provides. I achieved outstanding results far beyond my expectations. The holistic approach incorporating medical weight loss management with nutritional guidance and lifestyle changes enabled me to take the weight off and keep it off. I have been several months maintaining my goal weight and enjoying a healthier and more beautiful image of myself. Dr. Din is professional and supportive in individualizing a weight loss plan that is adaptive and realistic for compliance and success. I have recommended this program too many of my friends and encourage you to do the same!"                                                    ~Melissa K.

"I am so thankful that my friend introduced me to Flawless Image and the program. I have tried everything...keto, Atkins, Paleo, you name it. I tried it with little success. With the Flawless weight loss program, I understood how to loose weight and be healthy!!! I pay attention to my eating, and make sure I drink water which really had an impact on my success. That coupled with exercise, produced wonderful results. I lost over 12 pounds the first month. My clothes are too loose & people notice the weight loss. I used to dread getting up and getting dressed because nothing fit. NOW, everything is too Big!!! I love how I look and feel and will keep the weight off because of this."                                                       ~Vanessa B.

"I am extremely happy with Dr. Din and his staff. The friendly and efficient atmosphere made every appointment relaxing and stress-free. I was extremely pleased with the CoolSculpting and the smart lipo procedures that we've done. I dropped a whole size and lost over 25 lbs. during the last 6 months. Dr. Din's consultations on diet and nutrition are helpful and inspiring."                                                                                             ​~Nancy R.

"For me, weight loss wasn’t just as cosmetic goal, it has been a life dream. I have lived my whole life in an overweight body. It’s all I knew, and for the most part I found happiness and contentment. But, I have always wished to be in better shape; especially as I was approaching my wedding date with the love of my life. My fiancé and now wife loved me as I was, but I wished that I could be the best version of myself to start my life as a married man. Dr. Din offered me a medically assisted weight loss plan which was tailored to my needs and what I could do. My goal was to lose 15-20lbs three months before my wedding and on my wedding day I had lost almost 40. For the first time I feel like I not only have a fighting chance against obesity, but a secret weapon and an advantage. Dr. Din helped me take back control; who knows if he will ever truly know now much that means to me."                      ~Carl J. L.

Individual patient results may vary**

Our Program

We develop a custom program to help you set short and long term goals to lose weight.  By blending a home-energetic vitamin and a specialized weight loss oral spray with timely eating this program will  mobilize fat cells and increase your metabolism. The results will be a smaller waistline and an improved self-confidence.

Our physician and clinical staff will closely monitor your progress and modify the program if needed.  Each patient’s body changes at different rates and often times the initial plan needs to be adapted to help you keep the weight off. Results may vary but we can safely state that on average patients that follow our medical weight loss program can lose up to 0.5-1 lbs. per day.  The target is to shed 10 lbs. in the first month and then work to continue weight loss for the recommended program duration of at least 4 months or until you reach your goal weight. 

Appetite Suppressant Programs

Appetite suppressant programs are an integral part of the Flawless Image Weight Loss Center’s weight loss program. Drugs that reduce appetite are used on a short-term basis to clinically treat obesity and promote weight loss*.

Before starting or prescribing a weight loss appetite suppressant program, Flawless Image Weight Loss Center will conduct a physical examination and a complete battery of blood tests. Our appetite suppressant medicines are prescribed only after a complete medical evaluation has been performed. Our doctors will go over the medical report submitted after medical examination and you will be informed about the strengths of your prescribed appetite suppressant medication for your customized weight loss program. 

The appetite suppressant drugs we prescribe are effective in reducing hunger pangs and thoughts about food and in making you satisfied after eating smaller portions*. They also increase the chances of fast weight loss with their inherent tendency to render you desirous of sticking to the prescribed diet. When you enroll in our Appetite Suppressant program for weight loss, you will be given a prescription for appetite suppressants as well as a Lipo B IM injection.

$125 initial visit to Flawless Image Weight Loss Center includes:
-Physical exam and blood work if necessary
-Prescription for appetite suppressant
-Lipo B IM injection  

*Prescription medications FDA approved for weight reduction that we prescribe for our patients:
Orlistat (Xenical)
Adipex (Phentermine)
Contrave (Buproprion-Naltrexone)
Saxenda (Liraglutide)
Belviq (Lorcaserin)
Qsymia (Phentermine/Topamax)
Vyvanse (Binge Eating Disorder)

Medical Nutrition Programs

Our physician is certified with the Board of Internal Medicine and has a great deal of experience with options that work for every type of patient. Important factors include nocturnal dominant vs. early day activity, rate of metabolism, nutritional needs according to your current medical history, sedentary state vs. an active lifestyle, WATER & fiber intake.
Examples of diet strategies our patients incorporate in addition to Appetite Suppressant Rx:
  • #1: DASH Diet
  • #2: Mediterranean Diet
  • #3 Zone Diet
  • #4 Flexitarian Diet
  • #5 Paleolithic Diet
  • #6 MIND Diet
  • #7 Atkins Diet
  • #8 TLC Diet
  • #9 Volumetrics

Individual patient results may vary**

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